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Be a BUILDer NOT a Bully!

Be A BUILDer is a non-profit organization committed to supporting: 
​- Schools and Students
- Parents

- Community Organizations
- Other Non-Profits 

Our hallmark program is our Be a BUILDer NOT a Bully Initiative! 

B - Believe in yourself and others 
U - Uplift your environment with your words 
I - Leave an impact with your actions 
L - Listen to others and commit to learn
- Dare to be different and be determined 

What can we do for your School District?

a. We can lead your next Professional Development with staff and support them in training around proactive measures to prevent bullying. 

b. We can be your key note speaker at your next school assembly and introduce students to our Be a BUILDer NOT a Bully - Anti-Bully Program. 
c. We can do a workshop at your next parent night and speak to parents on methods to help prevent bullying at home. 
d. We can help your staff and students develop a Be a BUILDer NOT a Bully After School Program that creates a student led anti-bully atmosphere year round. 
e. We can help provide BUILDer Bling for students, staff, and parents that promotes our anti-bully concepts including t-shirts, hoodies, caps, polos, and more. 

f. We can be a part of our Teacher Training for next year during the summer months to kick off the year with a focus on being anti-bully! 


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Be a BUILDer Bling!
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