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Be a BUILDer NOT a Bully
Social Emotional Anti - Bully Program

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Excited to launch our Anti-Bully Program
Here's how we help Schools & School Districts: 


- Invite us to speak to school administration and staff at your next professional development or staff meeting to discuss creating a culture that is proactively building students and focused on being anti-bully. 

- Host an assembly at your school and let us speak to your 4th through 12th Graders about how to Be a BUILDer NOT a Bully! 

- Invite us to host a workshop at your next Parent Night to discuss supporting the Be a BUILDer NOT a Bully Program at home! 

- Become a Be a BUILDer NOT a Bully School with BUILDer Bling including flyers, posters, banners, stickers, lanyards, t-shirts, hoodies, and other swag! 

- Start a Be a BUILDer NOT a Bully After School Program that helps support people that may have been victims of bullying and creates ways to actively influence the school environment. 


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Cory J. Chavis, The Winologist, is the author of the phenomenal book, "The Vocabulary of  Success" and helps transform winning from a moment in time to an overall mindset empowering individuals and organizations alike to have greater levels of consistency and success. 

Cory gets in the trenches with you to identify critical roadblocks, promote positive problem solving, galvanize toward unified goals, and create accountability that will feed long lasting success. He has worked with youth, adults, teams, non-profit organizations, faith based organizations, community groups, governmental entities, small businesses, and corporations to instruct on the mindset of winning and the outcomes that manifest from the winning mindset. With me, winning doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by choice.